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Blog Reviews
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"A lot of much, much more expensive bracelets lack this sort of refinement even though it makes a big difference in wearing comfort."

"It both looks and feels as good as any clasp you'll find on a luxury watch up to a price level of a few thousand dollars." (Locarno)

"My first impression of the Ligero can be stated simply: WOW, this band is gorgeous! The fit and feel are like no other. The weight of this band is closer to one of Apple’s fluoroelastomer bands."

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"The thicker bracelet looks modern and sleek, and isn't overly heavy, in line with the premium craftsmanship I expect from Apple products." (Revo)

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"...my personal experience with the JUUK Stainless Steel Link Bracelet for Apple Watch has been incredible. It provides me with premium look that what the price can translate. The high-quality stainless steel with some weight to the wrist gives me a feel that I am wearing a luxury mechanical watch that I have never owned." (Revo)

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"They’re stylish in a James Bond sort of way; they know they’re capable and look good and know everyone else knows that just by looking at them — no explanations needed." (Revo)

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"...I like it a lot, it's really well made...it's got some weight and heft...really nice band...really good value." (Revo)

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"It is not a cheap imitation band, but a product manufactured by watchmaking experts, which shows in the end product..." (Revo)

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"...the Revo bracelets are a product absolutely recommendable to everyone and especially to those who want to enrich their personal look and Apple Watch, transforming the smart watch in a complete watch and elegant, practical to wear, without spending a fortune."

Macity Logo

"I've tested quite a few Apple Watch bands but the ones from JUUK definitely belong to my absolute favourites. Thanks to the exceptional quality, perfect fitting and all the love that shows to have been put into these bands and of course also because of the splendid looks, you couldn't spend your money any better on an Apple Watch band." (Ligero & Locarno)

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"The sexiest Apple Watch band, the JUUK Ligero. They look good they feel good and they are extremely light weight. This is a premium watch band that deserves that label premium." 

Today I Feel Like Logo

One of the things that really stood out to me when I strapped on the Velo was how nicely it curved around my wrist... I found it to be the most comfortable metal Apple Watch band that I’ve ever worn.

"Juuk’s Vitero band looks, feels and performs like no other Apple Watch band on the market — or any watch band for that matter. Thanks to their unique Y-shape, the band is much more supple than it looks. It’s very flexible and pliant."

"My personal experience with JUUK Apple Watch bands has been awesome and I cannot recommend more to you to give it a try. With years of professional experience in manufacturing premium watch bands, JUUK keeps up their fantastic build quality with affordable price tags in their latest Ligero line-up."

Superhen's Logo

"I’ve been a JUUK fan for quite awhile because I’ve witnessed first hand the passion this company has for their products — nothing goes out the door unless they feel it is perfect." (Locarno)

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"The best metal Apple Watch band isn't from Cupertino. The best metal Apple Watch bands are the ones from JUUK" (Revo)

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"The first thing you’ll notice is that this watch band is just downright sexy. It completely changes how the Apple Watch looks and feels on your body. For me, the Apple Watch went from feeling more of a utility watch to that plus a fashionable watch. It really changed the look and I love it." (Revo)

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"... the JUUK Revo Band is beautiful. It looks really slick and modern, and it turns my watch into a beautiful timepiece, rather than it looking like a computer or fitness tracker on my wrist.

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"The JUUK Ligero Is an Amazing Apple Watch Band"

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"When worn, the special design - explain - the strap makes it much more comfortable than other mesh bracelets." (Locarno)

Macity Logo

"Juuk went to great lengths to make their drop perfect, even in ways most users probably wouldn’t notice. I didn’t until it was pointed out to me and what that means is, it’s a metal watch band you can wear comfortably all day." (Ligero)

Bike Hugger Logo

"I have tested a lot of the $20 metal Apple Watchbands being offered on Amazon.com. These bands (again, you get what you pay for) don’t hold a candle to those being offered by JUUK. The Ligero collection is no exception. These are high-quality watch bands that feel almost weightless on the wrist."

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"Juuk is one of the few alternatives for those who want to achieve a metal strap quality, with attention to detail that characterizes Apple but only a fraction of the price of the original belts" (Ligero)

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"It was hard for me not to obsess over JUUK’s attention to detail. The Ligero is sturdy and exquisitely machined out of 6061 hard anodized aluminum. Everything from finish to feel is a testament to its premium quality."

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