Revo - Solid Simplicity

Our first offering is the 38mm and 42mm Revo, an uncluttered design that perfectly matches the Apple Watch case's simplicity.  It's sporty, functional and very solid.  It comes in 2 gorgeous finishes; a perfect mirror-like polish, and a fine satin-brush (with polished sides).

While it looks like a simple, single link design from the front, we engineered each link to be built from 2 separate components. This gives each link 2 pivot points, which not only yields fantastic flexibility resulting in a very comfortable fit, but this also minimizes the gaps on the outside. A cheaper, single-piece link could not achieve both results at the same time. In fact, not including the buckle, pins nor screws, the links in this band are comprised of 66 components (for the 42mm; 60 components for the 38mm)!

We've had some fantastic blog reviews and customer feedback on the Revo, ranging from the quality, weight, value, and fit, to the compliments that they get when wearing it. This is undoubtedly a more solidly built alternative to Apple's Link band, at less than half the price!


More details here. For more images of the Revo, check out our Gallery.


Locarno - Sophisticated Elegance

This is our second model, the 42mm Locarno band, a luxurious 5-row design that adds some texture and personality to the Apple Watch.

Each link in this band is beautifully engineered from 5 separate components, which are made with extruded steel rods that take a month to produce as the start of the process.  In fact, 114 components (not including the buckle, pins and screws) are individually and meticulously fabricated, polished and then hand-selected to make up the links in each band. The finish and comfort of this type of construction are unparalleled. Like the brushed Revo, all versions of the Locarno have polished sides, which perfectly matches the Apple Watch's polished case finish.

With this 5-row design, the Locarno gives us a platform to offer multiple choices to suit your tastes. It comes in a variety of finishes including 3 gorgeous two-tone styles; a subtle combination of polished and brushed steel for a more quiet elegance, a sporty brushed two-tone black or a luxurious polished two-tone black for a great compliment to the watch.

There's also a more subdued all-brushed version and a classy all-polished version to compliment your style. Finishing this off are the all-brushed black and all-polished black versions if you have the black steel or Space Grey aluminum Apple Watches.

With the flexibility of this band comes incredible comfort as it effortlessly contours around your wrist. We've had numerous happy customers tell us that it's better than their watch bands from Rolex, Breitling, Omega, etc, and that's extremely high praise. We've even heard comments from watch traditionalists say that they aren't really into the Apple Watch, but this Locarno band made them think twice about it. You can read more about what they think here.

For more images of the Locarno, check out our Gallery.


Ligero - Lightweight Strength

This is our third and probably most intriguing band because we're the first to offer high-grade aluminum for the Apple Watch.

In using aluminium, we're able to do what steel cannot; match the aluminum Apple Watch colours much more closely, or for those looking for a dash of colour, offer some very vibrant, playful choices.

We're using the robust 6000 series aluminum and hard anodizing it. It's the same aluminum used in the aircraft, automotive, boating and diving industries (among others that need strong yet lightweight metals), yet it's so lightweight that it weighs like plastic. You can easily go from the gym to the office or dinner with the Ligero band!

The horizontal single-link design seems simple at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you'll see that we've integrated a couple of beveled edges on either side to give it additional character without compromising on the sleekness of the design.

Because of the wider link design, we've done extensive testing to determine that the connector link needs a 10° drop to better fit most wrist sizes. Also of note is the fact that we have full sized removable links at 8mm, but much less common with cheap bands, we've also designed 2 smaller 5mm removable links. What this means is that the different combinations of removable links has vastly increased from just taking out multiples of 8mm, to the possibilities of taking out 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm ultimately this gives you a lot more, finer adjustment options to fit your wrists perfectly and comfortably.

We've gone to great lengths to over-engineer the Ligero to make this awesome for you, right down to customizing our own concave capsa pins and designing a proprietary adjustment tool, which comes with every band. These will make size adjustments very easy right out of the box. Not even watch brands put this much effort into your usability experience.

The rainbow versions above, available in both 38/40mm and 42/44mm, will be available in limited quantities.

For more images of the Rainbow Ligero and all other colours, check out our Gallery.


Vitero - Aggressive Sport

Inspired by vintage sports cars with racing stripes and sports car tire tread patterns, our latest creation incorporates a very aggressive "Y" link design and a fun colour pop with differential colour grooves.

Using 6000 series dual-colour hard anodized aluminum, we've created a very unique look for the Apple Watch not found anywhere else. In fact, it's not even found in the watch industry!

It comes in many colour combinations, including a special edition in the colours of your favourite armoured avenger!

The Vitero is not just a pretty face though. We've put a lot of work engineering this so that it's comfortable to wear and fits beautifully around your wrist.

We went back to the drawing board when we designed and developed this from scratch. As you can see below, we engineered each link to be uneven when laid out flat:

The result when worn is that it forms a perfectly smooth curvature around your wrist, as seen below. It's absolutely stunning and most watch brands don't even make this extra effort with this level of detail. We do because we're passionate about creating the best metal Apple Watch bands in the world.

Velo - Classic Redefined


Starting with a classic 3-row link design, we went back to the drawing board and re-designed it from the ground up. As always, we "JUUKed" up the Velo to make it better.

As with the Vitero above, we re-engineered the aluminum link profile by adding a subtle taper. The result is just a beautifully smooth curvature around your wrist that a flat link cannot achieve.

The Velo is our first model to offer Midnight Blue, which is sure to be popular for those looking for some colour, but nothing too gregarious. 

This design is so popular, even before it shipped, that we've had numerous requests to make this in stainless steel versions too...and it's coming in Q1 2019 so stay tuned!

Monza, Viteza & Korza - Italian Luxury


We started our new line of JUUK leather Apple Watch bands by choosing one of the finest Italian leather tanneries, Monteverdi S.p.A in Florence.

Next, we took inspiration from the automotive industry classics and created two distinct designs: a 3 large hole design (Monza) and a mutli-perforated design (Viteza).

We wouldn't be following our brand's ethos by just stopping there, so we added a splash of colour on the sides, inside the holes and even on the two loops. Attention to detail has always been one of our focuses and these gorgeous leather bands are no exception.

The final touch is added with the use of 316L solid stainless steel butterfly deployant buckles. That's certainly a mouthful, but all you need to know is that it elevates the elegance of the Mona and Viteza leather bands.

The end result is a beautifully crafted, supple and luxurious experience that really stands out in the crowd.




Our core vision is to create beautiful bands that transform the Apple Watch from a tech gadget that's cool to use into a timepiece that you would love to wear.



Our experienced manufactur-ing partners also produce for major Swiss and other top watch brands. The precision, fit and finish is befitting the Apple Watch.

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We only use surgical grade, solid 316L stainless steel or 6000 series hard anodized aluminum, or premium Italian leather on our bands, as well as solid 316L stainless steel butterfly deployant buckles.



We put a lot of emphasis on wearability, which needs to be engineered into the design and construction.



We design and develop custom connectors for each band design so that the integration with the Apple  Watch is seamless, as it should be.



Rather than cheap pins that usually require a watch shop to assist with, we use premium screws or custom capsa pins for easy link removal that anyone can do. We even provide you with the tool so that you can do it right away.

Extra Links

This is a program that we're proud to offer, where most watch brands don’t.  Anyone needing additional links can purchase more at a nominal cost in our Store.  We build everything to current watch industry standards, but we realize that this standard doesn’t apply to a lot of people and in fact, might be getting outdated.  We hope this program will be beneficial to some of you.

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